1) Do you provide eyeglasses?

Answer: No we do not. However, Lions clubs throughout the region collect used eyeglasses, and some clubs provide vouchers for eye exams and glasses. Your best bet is to contact the Lions club closest to you for assistance.

2) How does one qualify for a discounted hearing aid?

Answer: To qualify, an individual has to fill out an application, include documents that support the need for assistance, and then the LHC reviews the information and makes a determination. Typically, if your income is less than $35,000 annually, you probably will qualify for some level of assistance.  We do ask for other information that is considered. All applications must have all the documents requested included, or the application is considered incomplete.

3) How do I get an application?

Answer: You can get an application at a local Lions club. They can mail you one or you can make arrangements to pick it up. We can give you the contact information for the Lions club closest to you.

4) Why can’t you email me an application or fax me one?

Answer: It is important to us that you know of the local Lions club that is often involved in providing the resources for discounted  hearing aids. We also want the local Lions club to know we are working to help people in their community.

5) Are there any fees to me if I qualify for a discounted hearing aid?

Answer: There are some fees. Fees can range from $125 to $500 for a hearing aid depending on your preferences. There may be co-pay charges for exams (depending on your health insurance), and charges for ear molds if they are needed. Keep in mind that these hearing aids can retail for as much as $1,500 elsewhere.

6) I have hearing loss in both ears. Why can’t I get two hearing aids?

Answer: You can. Discounts apply to one or two hearing aids.

7) Do you help children with hearing aids?

Answer: We do. Sometimes children are covered by various insurances such as Medicaid for hearing aids. In these cases, the insurance company is billed for the costs. 

8) Do you accept used hearing aids as a donation?

Answer: We do. You can mail us the hearing aid(s) and we will send you a letter indicating your tax-deductible donation. We turn-in used hearing aids to help us offset the cost of purchasing new ones for those in need.

9) How do I donate to the Lions Hearing Center of Michigan?

Answer: You can do so in several ways: You can mail a check to our address, call us with a credit card number, visit our website at www.lhcmi.org, or click here to donate right now online! All donors are given a letter indicating their tax-deductible donation to our non-profit organization.

10) Does it cost anything to me to have my ears checked and tested?

Answer: Most insurance including Medicare and Medicaid will cover the costs or most of the costs for a hearing exam and evaluation. In these cases, there typically is a small co-pay involved that you would be responsible for. If you have no insurance and need a hearing exam, the Lions Hearing Center can provide an exam at no cost. You need to contact the LHC ahead of time to make sure you qualify for such a service.